With multiple infestation

Going a step further, to suffer these sleep problems can develop irritability, bruxism, fatigue, lack of appetite with consequent anemia and others but, as we say, these symptoms are not directly related to verminosis Detoxic Review, but they bear fruit of the occurrence of other symptoms and derived subsymptoms.

If you do not put treatment through the pruritus can extend to the genitals. Scratching can cause inflammation and irritation, especially in the case of girls and women. If the worms reach the vagina and even the urethra we will find, almost certainly, with more abundant or thick flow and discomfort when urinating.

With multiple infestation can cause a collapse of the appendix by these parasites, causing us to feel nausea and pain when evacuating and in the abdominal area Detoxic Review. However, we must clarify that, in general, the problem does not reach this severity as a general normal. Likewise, the visualization of worms in the stool or in the anus (at night) is the most obvious sign that you are suffering from oxiuriasis.

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