Want to Lose Weight During Quarantine?

Setting up effective weight loss goals can easily mean the difference between failure and success. A healthy losing weight during a quarantine plan will help you transition to a healthier lifestyle that will stick with you once you get to your goal weight.

You need to remember, though; not all weight loss goals are helpful. Overly aggressive and unrealistic goals may only cause frustration and make you end up ditching the idea of losing weight altogether.

SMART Goal Setting

SMART is considered a good strategy to use as an effective weight loss plan.

Attainable – An achievable goal is something that you set for yourself according to your time and resources. For example, if your schedule does not allow you to work out for a long time at the gym, then you should focus on other options like adding short but effective activities while at work or home.

Realistic – Set yourself with a realistic outcome, for example, losing 5 to 10 per cent of your current weight. When looking at losing that excess body weight, it is important to set correct and realistic goals. Like in any project, goal setting is important because it produces correct expectations. Anyone who has ever set unrealistic goals can how it feels when you fail.

Trackable – Goals should be trackable so that you can record your achievements accordingly.

Additional Tips To Lose Weight

Check your current weight against your ideal weight by using the BMI index (there is one in my sidebar) – this will certainly help in letting you know how much pounds or kilos you will have to lose.

Be realistic, it is better to set realistic goals such as losing 1 – 2 pounds a week. Rapid weight loss might be tempting, but you aren’t creating lasting lifestyle changes to help keep the weight off long term.

Finally, patience is a virtue, as much as you want to lose those excess pounds quickly, gradually lose weight during quarantine is healthier and considered a safe way to shed the weight. It will also make your body adjust better to the new needs that you may have.

Benefits of Weight Loss

There are many advantages in goal setting both with your body and your self-esteem including:

  • When you can achieve that goal, you will boost your confidence and make you want to look forward to losing more in the following week.
  • Losing weight gradually is more efficient than losing huge weight in just one time. This also ensures that you do not deprive your body at one point.

There are many ways to achieve the goals that you set just like:

  • Regular Exercise
  • Healthy Dieting
  • Healthy Lifestyle

All in all, weight loss can be accomplished, and the best way to start it is to set correct and attainable goals. Setting the right goals will also make you appreciate your achievements more.

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