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Now Outlook will do the work for you, and when you move to another country for a long period of time, it will automatically change the data center so you do not have to do it manually. Yes, from Microsoft clarify that if you make a trip you will not change the data center of Outlook , and that will only be done when you are for a long time outside your country.

If you have already paid the subscription to Outlook Premium , service email from Microsoft outlook sign in , you should not worry about this news, but if you thought it soon, forget about it completely. Little by little the company has been changing the benefits of this payment subscription to its new service, Office 365. Finally, they have decided to cancel the option.

From now on, if you are a new user you will be unable to pay for Outlook even if you want it. The option that Microsoft leaves to its users is to subscribe to Office 365 , something more than an online computer suite. It is a much better alternative, since in addition to the features of Outlook it integrates those of Microsoft Office.

If you have an email account in Outlook or Hotmail , I am sure that in the last 24 hours you have found problems sending and receiving messages. Do not worry because it’s not your account: the Outlook and Hotmail service is down in many countries, especially at European level, including Spain, although there have also been difficulties in Latin American countries, so the problem affects millions of users.

As you may know, Hotmail is one of the first free email services, which Microsoft later changed its name to Outlook. At the time of writing this news we could not send and receive emails from our Microsoft email accounts. In the case of trying to write a message, the email is saved in drafts automatically and without the possibility of sending it. On the other hand, new messages do not arrive to the inbox either. The fall affects both the web version and the iOS and Android applications.

Apparently, Outlook and Hotmail do not work from 10:30 Spanish peninsular time. According to the British media DownToday, apparently the thing is going to long and Microsoft mail could still not work for the next 24 hours. “I just talked to them and they are aware of the problem, there is an update in progress,” says Maritsa Lemon at DownToday. “They are working on solving it and they have told me that everything would be resolved in 24 hours.”

At the moment, Microsoft has not spoken publicly about it, so we do not have an official confirmation of what is causing the problem or when the service will be operational again. If you want to keep informed about the evolution of this failure in Outlook and Hotmail , you can do it through portals such as DownDetector , which handle a lot of data thanks to user reports and allow you to see a graph and a map of the problems.

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