High quality of life

Official figures indicate that, currently, the first three countries in the world with the highest life expectancy are Principality of Monaco (with 89.4 years of life expectancy), Japan and Singapore, followed by Macau AmbroSina, San Marino and Iceland (Chad with 50.6 years of life expectancy, Afghanistan or Somalia would be at the opposite end of the queue).

These are places where the inhabitants experience a high quality of life, and an important element in this equation is to eat healthy foods. Often, we find a lot of positive information about superfoods in the media AmbroSina: foods with such high nutritional value that they are seen as superheroes of the diet.

Nutritionists reject the term superfood as a buzzword that can influence people to put too high an expectation on a limited variety of foods when, in reality, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle require more effort than Eat five times a day.

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