Detonic © – Blood Pressure in the normal for the First Application


  • Normalizes blood pressure in the first 6 hours thanks bioflavonoid
  • Regenerates the tone and elasticity of the vessels for one price
  • At any age safely into effect at 1, 2, 3 stage of hypertension

Sensational development of scholars

The development of preventive remedy took the German scientists from FLEBOZENTRUM eight years to complete. The development of the year was nominated for medical premium international Gairdner. Multi-stage testing proved the effectiveness of the remedy, but the scientists were given all the necessary permits, quality certificates and government support.

The opinion of the expert

The main fighter with hypertension is a bioflavonoid. Just acquires from the resin and bark of wild larch. He is present in almost all treatments for hypertension.

But! For the majority of producers, its content is low! So you can wait for the effect for many years. It is precisely known to me that the only preparation that is rich in bioflavonoid is Detonic ©.

I saw his formula and the report of the independent expert. The dear man. I recommend the drug to the patient and I am dissatisfied if doctoring itself and take the one that “has recommended friend”, “read on the Internet”, “they said in a consignment. ” That is not right! One can only hypertension with proven means to fight! Which are examined by the doctors because their disease disappears forever?

Patrick Zwanzger
chief physician, medical doctor
professional experience: 30 years

Effectiveness Detonic © with clinical trials

Clinical trials were conducted in 2016 on the basis of the Institute of Cardiology. Four groups of volunteers took part in the clinical trials in the course of 25 days.

Have taken with hypertonic character, Detonic © first group – men and women, the “placebo” have taken with the same disorders.

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