Detonic © – Blood Pressure in the normal for the First Application


  • Normalizes blood pressure in the first 6 hours thanks bioflavonoid
  • Regenerates the tone and elasticity of the vessels for one price
  • At any age safely into effect at 1, 2, 3 stage of hypertension

Sensational development of scholars

The development of preventive remedy took the German scientists from FLEBOZENTRUM eight years to complete. The development of the year was nominated for medical premium international Gairdner. Multi-stage testing proved the effectiveness of the remedy, but the scientists were given all the necessary permits, quality certificates, and government support.

Detonic effective means to normalize the pressure

Detonic is a unique preparation that helps manage attacks of hypertension. The complex action of the components of this composition, which act on the walls of blood vessels and the nervous system, rapidly enlarge blood vessels and reduce pressure. In addition, the preparation prevents the development of atherosclerosis. The composition includes unique components that are involved in the synthesis of lecithin, amino acid components that regulate cholesterol exchange and prevent the formation of atherosclerosis.

Detonic against heart and blood vessel diseases!

This is the first drug that lowers blood pressure with natural ingredients, Normalizes blood pressure! Elimination of hypertension using Detonic is aimed at normalizing blood circulation and eliminating the main causes of hypertension.

Unique technology Vasodilat Hypocapnemia is a permanent lack of blood oxygen“, direct cause of hypertension »

Normalizes blood pressure

Reduction of oxygen concentration in arterial blood.

Normalizes blood pressure

The necessary protection mechanism is being triggered – the vessel narrows significantly.

Normalizes blood pressure

With the help of VasodilatDetonic technology Helps maintain the required oxygen concentration “, in the blood.

Normalizes blood pressure

The more oxygen in the blood the less pressure on the blood vessels.

Removes 3 Large Conventionslow Of Oxygen

High Pressure – Forced Protective Reaction Of The Organism To:


Aloe leaf extractAloe leaf extract

It contains a large number of vitamins, acids, active microelements. It is very effective in the treatment of heart disease. It helps eliminate nerve exhaustion, improves heart function, improves blood flow, destroys blood clots, and strengthens blood vessels.

Reddish oblique extractMetabolic syndrome

Reddish oblique extracts

A substance without which the nervous system cannot function properly has a calming effect. Improves blood circulation.

Hawthorn extractHawthorn extract

It has a vasodilating effect, normalizes blood cholesterol levels.

Heart extract

Heart extractIt lowers blood pressure, helps remove excess fluids.

Pumpkin seed extract

Pumpkin seed extractIt is needed for red blood cell and antibody production, cell respiration, and growth.

Detonic Recommended by cardiologists

Recommended by cardiologistsBased on the results of clinical studies, I can officially say that Detonic is currently by far the most effective drug in the fight against hypertension.

In 98% of cases, it eliminates the very cause of hypertension and not just its symptoms.

Blood pressure returns to normal at the start of treatment, prevents the occurrence of headache, arrhythmias, tachycardia, and other abnormalities in the cardiovascular system.

Besides that, Detonic has a strong vasodilating effect and improves the functioning of the circulatory system, immune and nervous systems, which is a guarantee of normal blood pressure.

I recommend this product for use in patients with hypertension at any stage.

Detonic has already helped thousands of patients regain health!

61 years

4 years ago I was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis – malignant hypertension with vascular lesions. My life was complete hell. The doctors “treated” me with tablets, of which I felt only worse. Good thing the daughter heard about Detonic. It only took me two weeks of treatment to get rid of all my symptoms. My pressure has stopped rising sharply and is still staying normal. I feel like a healthy person again!

58 years

I got hypertension when I was 53 years old and it was very difficult. I had a crisis after crisis, the pressure reached colossal numbers. I couldn’t reduce it in any way. Fortunately, I had a good cardiologist. He prescribed me to take Detonic for two weeks. I didn’t believe in anything that would help. But on the third day of admission, I felt considerable relief –

52 years

I have been overweight for 30 years, then found out that I have diabetes, later followed by hypertension, everything I inherited, so I gave up to fight my disease. It was not life, but existence. I was taking a lot of drugs, I was addicted to them. Then a friend advised me to take a Detonic course. Since then, a new phase of my life has begun! The pressure problems are gone, now I’m absolutely healthy. I recommend this remedy to anyone who encounters such a disease and wishes for a speedy recovery!

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